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11 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Business Page

Enhance Your Facebook Page and Get Better Results

When I teach social media marketing, I like to give my clients or attendees a cheat sheet on the social networks. When business owners first set up their Facebook Business Pages, they tend to fill out sections in a hit-or-miss fashion. Many times they don’t have all the necessary information available when they start the process. Short descriptions, long descriptions, a good quality logo and a banner aren’t things that business owners have readily available. Then business gets in the way and they don’t revisit these settings and fill them in completely.

Use these 11 tips to start a business page or enhance the page you have. It allows you to walk through the process and make sure everything is complete.

  1. Use a good quality logo for your business. This represents your brand. The best size is 180 x 180 pixels.
  1. Create a banner for the page. Let your followers see your business personality. The size is 828 x 465 pixels. Use Canva to create custom banners, it’s easy and fun!
  1. Choose your call to action message. Make it easy for people to contact you. The button on the front of the page will let you add a phone number, e-mail address, messenger or a link to a form on your website.
  1. Click on the Manage Tabs and choose a page template as well as tabs. There are options for several different page templates as well as the ability to add tabs. Arrange them in any order, too.
  1. Fill out your About information. Make sure you include your website, address, telephone number, descriptions and contact information.
  1. Post once a day. The organic reach is getting less and less. One post will get better traction, than numerous one day posts. Remember, only 1-5% of your audience is seeing your post.
  1. Add your other social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Make it easy for your fans to connect with you on other social networks.
  1. Add pictures, videos and images that evoke emotion. Images always tell a story. Share pictures of yourself, as well as your staff, because your fans want to see what goes on inside your business.
  1. Consider Boosting a post. Send it to followers, followers and their friends or define your own campaign by location, demographics and industry. Today, it’s pay to play – social media isn’t free anymore. Think about setting aside money for an online advertising budget.
  1. View your Insights. There is a wealth of information sitting behind your Facebook Page. It gives you opportunities to better reach and engage with your audience.
  1. Download the Page Manager Mobile App – Make life easier, when it comes to posting to your business page. This app makes it possible to post directly to your business page without going through your Facebook App.

Go forth and enhance your page. You will see a difference in engagement when your fans can see the true business YOU.