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Your Personal Brand is Important to Your Business Brand

My jobs have always revolved around marketing and networking. When I begin actively using social media 9+ years ago, I never realized how important my personal brand was to my future business brand. Whether you believe it or not, you can’t have one without the other. Without a strong personal brand, it is very hard to build your business brand. Can you still build a business brand without a strong personal brand? Of course you can. Will it take a longer time? Of course it will.

How can you jump start the process? With these three easy steps:

  1. Start with a Headshot – Your headshot is your personal logo. Think about the time and energy you put into choosing your business logo; the design, the colors, the message. You want want it to be a true representation of your product or service. Put the same amount of care into your headshot. Have this picture represent the true YOU. Once you have found the right shot, share it on all your social networks and profiles. If it is a personal account than make sure your headshot represents you. If you look at any of my networks, it is the same picture across all platforms. It represents who I am and what I do.
  2. Get the Conversation Going – It’s time to start engaging with your audience. Start by completing your network profiles. Make it easy for people to find you. Now it’s time to like, comment and share information. With all the algorithm changes on the networks, especially Facebook, if your posts are getting engagement, it doesn’t get out to many people. When you post your status, you need your followers and connections to like and comment on your feed. When I post, I am always looking for active participation. Can’t get any traction? Ask the question. Which do you like better, smooth or crunchy peanut butter? What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? It’s amazing what you will get for a response.
  3. Network – Get out and meet people! I always tell my clients to connect with new people 1-2 times a month. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and re-connect.
    1. Attend an Organizational Meeting – There are plenty of groups and organizations out there. Try going to one of their monthly meetings. Look at chambers, BNI groups, BIG (Big Inspire Grow), industry groups, etc.
    2. Educate Yourself – Take a class and learn something new. It’s amazing how you can connect with others in the class.
    3. Teach a Class – I’m lucky, I get to teach 2-3 classes a month and that introduce me to 10-30 people at any given time.
    4. Grab a Cup of Coffee – Reconnect with colleagues and find out what they are doing. It also gives you a chance to update them on your new ventures.

I’ll let you start here on your journey to grow your brand. Put one foot in front of the other and before long you will have a personal brand that people recognize as they learn more about your business brand.